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For over the last 75 years Marcy Livestock have built a cow herd of deep-ribbed, easy fleshing cowmakers with a commitment to raising the very best Registered Angus cattle possible for their discriminating customers. The ranch was homesteaded at the western edge of the Nebraska sandhills by their ancestors in 1887. This was before any official brand registration of any kind. Marcys have been in the registered Angus business since before World War II. When their father Charles Marcy arrived home from “flying the hump” in the Himalayas delivering supplies and flying wounded out, the Angus business began in earnest. From that beginning the original cow families of Erica, Pride, Ethelda and others were selected, that are present in so many of the pedigrees today. Continuous selection pressure to produce a female that survives in the environment that nature provides has resulted in a maternal herd that works for a living. Strong attention to maternal traits, structure, fertility, fleshing ability, muscle and mothering ability has resulted in a consistent, reliable source of seedstock for registered and commercial cattlemen. No creep feed is used on the registered cows and they must pass the test of a demanding environment and follow the disciplined breeding program of cattle that produce long bodied, heavy muscled, thick made progeny with top end product and big ribeye cattle.

Marcys welcome your visit to see their cattle. Please stop in or call for information any time.

The cattleman's kind

Located at the western edge of the Nebraska Sandhills, Marcy Livestock has been producing quality registered Angus bulls for discriminating commercial cattlemen in the region for more than 75 years. This program is built on the fundamentals of raising and feeding cattle that work in the environment nature provided us. Cattle must be deep, stout, long and full of muscle. Females must be high capacity, easy fleshing, good uddered converters of grass. No creep feed is used and if a female does not perform, she is gone. These bulls are bred to produce top performance cattle in the feedlot and long, heavily muscled, big scrotal cattle that are good on their feet and legs. Genetic selection of the cattleman's kind for generations results in the very best of predictable Angus genetics for you at the Annual Marcy Livestock Sale.

Staying the course for more than 75 years No creep feed - Just good cows


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