HOME OF MARCYS SCALE CRUSHER - 40 Sons & grandsons sell Jan 28th
MARCYS SCALE CRUSHER is a massive, long bodied, big hipped bull that is one of the truly great sires we have used in our 75 plus year history in the Angus Business. Scale Crusher has been a benchmark sire that sires moderate birth with explosive growth, big scrotal sons, & heavy muscled, wide, long hipped progeny. These deep easy doing, heavy muscled bulls sire the scale and power to produce big ribeye, highly efficient, feeder cattle. Daughters are super uddered, calm, have great feet and are long hipped. They are females with extra base-width and dimension with a long, wide hips and pelvic structure. Both his dam and granddam are two of the most prolific females that have ever been in our ET program. Both had extraordinary longevity in our program and great feet.

MARCYS SCALE BREAKER N PLUS - 15 sons sell Jan 28th
Scale Breaker N Plus sires deep soggy cattle that are a load. He excels in deep ribbed, easy fleshing cattle that are long, stout & full of muscle. With live kill data, he is a high marbling sire that shows his steers fitting the criteria for CAB. Expect his progeny to hold up in tough country with extra do ability. His pathfinder dam is an ET donor with M Diamond Angus. She is deep-ribbed and very easy fleshing. She AI bred every year and Scale Breaker N Plus daughters are doing an outstanding job. His 1st daughters calved in 2020 & 7 daughters have an average weaning ratio of 106 on their calves. All 7 daughters bred back AI.

BUBS SOUTHERN CHARM - 20 sons sell Jan 28th
Southern Charm is a deep, easy fleshing bull with a high-capacity phenotype that works on grass and tough environments. He is a high end product bull with a big scrotal and sound structure. His progeny are thick made, with the type and kind to work in our country without excess feed. His daughters have the rib and fleshing ability to hold their body condition, and we look forward to having his daughters in production in the spring of 2021.

CONNEALY SPUR - 20 sons sell Jan 28th
Spur sire sons that are long, thick & clean made. He sires extra performance, big topped cattle with big scrotals, and a top IMF for high end product value. His daughters in production are docile, long bodied, good uddered females. A proven growth sire, these cattle will press the scales, excel in the feedlot and on the rail, and leave a top producing female.

LISCO NO QUESTION - 12 sons and grandsons sell Jan 28th
With his low birth EPD & high CED No Question is as surefire a heifer bull as we have owned. A big scrotal sire, his sons are deep, smooth and easy fleshing with a lot of dimension and big butts. A high marbling sire he records an IMF ratio of 103 on his progeny. He also records high $weaning and $ Feedlot indexes that point to his genetic efficiency value. His daughters are exceptional, efficient, moderate framed and easy fleshing. They are built to work in dry cow country.

Lisco No Question Sons Selling

Marcy Ethelda E 55 3
Lisco No Question daughter in production


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