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HOME OF MARCYS SCALE CRUSHER - 28 Sons & Grandsons of Scale Crusher sell Jan 26th, 2023 including 13 ET Sons
MARCYS SCALE CRUSHER is a massive, long bodied, big hipped bull that is one of the truly great sires we have used in our 75 plus year history in the Angus Business. Scale Crusher has been a benchmark sire that sires moderate birth with explosive growth, big scrotal sons, & heavy muscled, wide, long hipped progeny. These deep easy doing, heavy muscled bulls sire the scale and power to produce big ribeye, highly efficient, feeder cattle. Daughters are super uddered, calm, have great feet and are long hipped. They are females with extra base-width and dimension with a long, wide hips and pelvic structure. Both his dam and granddam are two of the most prolific females that have ever been in our ET program. Both had extraordinary longevity in our program and great feet.

Genetics from these outstanding Scale Crusher sons sell

His 1st sons sell

Marcys Panhandle 214-9 • 19469944
Owned with JW & Cindy Simonson Angus & Lowery Land & Cattle
A dominant young herd sire in the programs he was used in we expect his sons to be very popular across the Nebraska sandhills this year. His dam is an exceptional maternal female from the Marcy Program

His 1st sons sell

Marcys N Plus Reloaded • 19508133
Owned with Elston Lone Tree Angus, ND & Botts Ranch, Montana
Easy fleshing and moderate framed these first sons are a load, Lots of extra rib and fleshing ability. Reloaded is as good on his feet and legs as you can make a bull with a lot of extra length in a moderate framed package. A full brother to Marcys Scale Breaker N Plus

His sons & grandsons sell

Marcys Scale Breaker N Plus • 18219249
Owned with M Diamond Angus, WY
A massive, phenotypic powerhouse his sons and grandsons selling have extra beef and do ability. We have really enjoyed having his 1st daughters in production and his progeny ratio well in all traits.

Additional Reference sires for 2023 Bull Sale

12 sons sell

Baldridge Flagstone F411 • 19478642
An exceptional new sire group the Flagstone cattle are docile, long bodied, super on their feet and legs and descend from the most prolific female ever produced on the Baldridge Angus program, Baldridge Isabel Y 69.

10 sons sell

U-2 Coalition 206C • 18626847
4 sons and one grandson sell out of Marcy Erica 337 by this phenotypically superb, docile, sound footed maternal bull. Coalition stamps his progeny with a big hip and tremendous maternal genetics.

10 sons sell

Tehama Tahoe B767 • 17817177
Exceptional growth out of a calving ease sire, these bulls really press the scale at weaning and yearling. He was the top selling sire group in the 2022 Marcy Angus bull sale.

7 ET sons sell

Square B Atlantis 8060 • 19405249
7 Sons sell out of the special mating of Marcys Erica 578, One of the great Scale Crusher daughters in production. These moderate framed ET bulls are easy fleshing and packed full of muscle with top maternal traits.

5 sons sell

Sitz Resilient 10208 • 19057457
Smooth, easy fleshing bulls Resilient has earned his place as one of the most popular sires of the breed. We expect his females to be very strong in production.

3 sons sell

S A V Renovation 6822 • 18579309
A moderate, thick capacious sire his 1st calves look excellent. This massive, big scrotal bull sires top phenotype with cattle that will work in our country. Out of a great Density daughter.


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